Poems of Aduri Satyavathi Devi

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‘Collection of Aduri Satyavati Devi’s Poems and their translations’

Even a casual reader of Smt Aduri Satyavati’s collections of poems is bound to be struck by her exceptional talent for interacting with Nature, Music and Man. Her love for Nature is lyrically expressed, her passion for Music is melodiously worded, and her concern for Man is humanely related. Her Nature includes every object and phenomenon of Earth – the Sky, the Clouds, the Air, the Waters of the Rivers and the Seas, the hills and mountain ranges, the flora and fauna of the Earth, even the smallest seeds that grow into plants and trees bearing fruits and flowers, and even the muddied hands and fingers of the lowly gardener who takes care of her plants and flowers. This all-pervasive love is couched in a language that bears her individual stamp. Her choice of words leaves no one in doubt of her naturally gifted talent for picking the right word for the right feeling and the right experience to be expressed. Smt. Satyavati Devi is definitely a poet who will be remembered for a long long time, not only for her lyrical outpourings but also for her resentment and vehement protest against Man who has been ravaging nature for centuries with his greed and rapaciousness. It is a truism to say that translations of poetry of one language into another which is structurally different can rarely be as effective and as meaningfully readable as the original poems. But, in this case the translators deserve unreserved praise for their being not only true to the originals but at the same time effective and efficient. I do not wish to sound patronizing when I say that the translations of this collection of poems are as perfect as the original poems are. 



That’s Why

Telugu Original: Aduri Satyavathi Devi

English Translation: RS Sudarshanam

If the heart does not overflow at least once,

Like Godavari in full flow

If the heart does not become wet with torment at least once

How can the field of heart become fertile?

How can the seed of poetry sprout?

That’s why

I love a life hectic with rich experiences,

A life filled with fragrance of finer sensations.


Telugu Original : Anduke 

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