Need of the hour -19

Covid time convert into-  Conquering time


Covid-19 or corona has literally caged each one of us in our caves / homes. Someone rightly stated that 2020 is proved to be a rat year. We are venturing out only to fetch our groceries, and other basic necessities. We are running far away from people and are always limited within the four walls of our homes. 

Yes, we are in testing times, with challenges on both physical and psychological health and well being.

Instead of regretting that there are limitations, shall we explore what are the great opportunities awaiting at our door step. These innumerable ways can make us more enriched, use our time fruitfully and contribute in a great manner. Frankly speaking with Covid restrictions, we reduced pollution, allowed other species to live peacefully on earth, although, our technology and online patterns have disturbed the life of animals and birds. 

Let us see what are all the ways in which we can try our different opportunities to excel in this world. I will not stress on each aspect, as all of us well aware as to how we need to explore our own world and opportunities. So let me list out the possible angles in which we can focus to groom ourselves staying indoors. 

  • Net working-It’s the way the world is moving  
  • Learning from seniors
  • Personal improvement on both Online/offline skills
  • Internships
  • If interested, can help and develop the uneducated and improve lives around us
  • Try new kinds of business ideas with best out of waste or unused material from home
  • Upgrade skills
  • Design your profile
  • Update your profile
  • Share thoughts, be active on social media
  • Be serious on what you want
  • Invade yourself to find few unanswered questions in life
  • Reach out to people
  • No more dependency on placements, be a small entrepreneur
  • Can we try being an Entrepreneur, Lets try
  • Manage internet
  • Approach people
  • Develop great attitude
  • Be proactive
  • Try Start-ups
  • Help non tech savvy folks and bring few Indian products on to global levels
  • Make a beginning in business or job
  • Make yourself indispensable
  • Improve entrepreneurial abilities
  • Exhibit your entrepreneurial skills
  • How can i contribute?- question yourself
  • Certain times its intuition, try out different skills
  • Convert Passion into profession, possible
  • Close your eyes and think, will find new innovative ideas
  • Pen down your thoughts
  • There is no red carpet, lay one- start walking
  • Go into research
  • Patent and professionalize your ideas
  • Approach CEOs, industry associations
  • Be visible on LinkedIn
  • Develop Self confidence- become self reliant
  • Develop online skills
  • Reach out, people help in great ways
  • Have a mentor from industry
  • Can try Online degrees as many are having equal value or recognition

Most or many of the above listed areas familiar to all of us and can suit few, many or all people. This is the time we need to bring uncompromising change in ourselves. 

Yes! Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently. 


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