Walking on the edge of a river-2

English Translation – Swathi Sreepada

Telugu original written by – Dr.C.Bhavani Devi

2.A circle  

Like a boy on a horse moving 

On a giant wheel  

Every life is a wheel  

But extreme speed is always dangerous  Only one creation of feel  

A formal drizzle  

In front of  

Only one circular motion perimeter  Everything becomes a knot  

When watches from the top floors of soul Sympathy to listen others prevails  If a place is given to another  

In the world of imagination  

The entire universe seems to be our own  

If life is not enclosed tightly in the fist  At least the last man residues  

Can stand opposing the stream and 

Becoming the mountains  

Every circle will have the layers of ego  Tug of wars for power also will be there  If kindling hostility and revenges slash the swords  If rages as circles the heads will be blue-penciled  With shrinking constructive force  

Absolute aim is just but a throw-out ball  If anyone’s thought crosses the circle  

The ash that drizzles down  

From the anger of insiders  

Will be the dust of massacres due to vengeance  

Let it be religion, caste, party or the society  The separation of remaining secluded  Everything is a vicious circle  

If a circle widens  

Other circle can’t even breath 

If not able to swallow the hot sighs  

Every circle is self sufficient  

Every minute a sound of conch for  

The war of existence 


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