My Life Memoirs-24

My Life, Full of Beautiful Memories

-Venigalla Komala  

Our Grand Children

          Rohit did his studies in Sherwood School (Primary), Parkland Middle School and Winston Churchill High School (Potomac) Parkland Middle School admits only very bright students,  they  are called – gifted and talented students. He did a project in 2006, when he was in the Middle School,  on Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. It was a Power Point presentation. He was asked to present it in the Historical Society of Maryland as it was selected as the best at the state level.  I think it was not selected at the national level because the judge happened to be a believer in scriptures not science. Rohit also presented it in Slate School in Hyderabad and received the applause of teachers and students as well.

          Rohit graduated from high school 2012. His parents celebrated his graduation  amid a hundred friends and well-wishers. Since then, he has been pursuing his graduate studies in University of Maryland College Park and this should be his final.

          In America most of the students start living on their own when they are 18 or older. Rohit is no exception  and works part-time now.

          Rohit is a very loving and caring person who, respects elders. He cares a lot about us – his grand parents. Almost all my doctor visits were possible because he drove me to the clinics for my appointments. He reads very serious books on psychology, philosophy and, logic. He has always loved to read books and was also an editor of his high school magazine, The– Churchill  Observer.

          Rohit’s favourite hobby is music. He composes and sings. He already gave some performances along with a music group and is proving his prowess in music. I wish him a lot of success in whatever he does.

          Rahul is now in 10th Grade in Sherwood High School. He is more interested in dance and he started learning Kuchipudi dance through the Internet. Later, he joined Kuchipudi Dance Academy and Lakshmi Babu is his guru. She wondered how Rahul could learn so much on his own through  the Internet. She is the disciple of Padmasri Dr. Sobha Naidu – a Kuchipudi Dancer from Hyderabad. Rahul went to   Chennai the last two summers to learn latest techniques in dance from Guru Ravi Shankar Vempati. I think  Rahul will achieve his goal of becoming an expert dancer very soon. His guru here involves him in many programs, all arranged by her and her two daughters.

          Leila is our first grand daughter. She is very beautiful with a big dimple and a very bright smile which lights up the world around her. She is rather shy in the company of new people.

          Zola is very beautiful with big smiling eyes. She is always pleasant and friendly with all. Her subtle humor is very amazing. She believes in caring and sharing. In her happy temperament, her loving nature she resembles her aunt  Naveena.  For me, time passes pleasantly in the company of both the sisters.

          Leila and Zola study in Brooklyn, Leila is in 8th and Zola is in 5th. Both fare very well in their studies. Both participate in all activities of school. They sing, dance, paint, play the piano, and I think with a bit of training they can be good singers.

          Leila was  the president of her middle school student body – she has won this position with thumping majority. She plays soccer, and basketball . She recently did a project –  on Confucius for the middle school. Zola is a class leader. Their teachers appreciate both of them saying that they speak better French than some of the French children in the school.

          Our grand children are our joy and pride. They have a promising future. I wish for them a happy, healthy long life, and great success in all their endeavors.


(To be continued-) 

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