Walking on the edge of a river-21

English Translation – Swathi Sreepada

Telugu original written by – Dr.C.Bhavani Devi

21.Remaining nest

Entire home
Again carries the silent vacuum
Till yesterday
The waves of naughty words
Just in a night
The aerial roots of shadows of
Silent tempest

To a part of my womb
Who migrated to far of places
Always blessings of happiness
Wherever she is
Kids are kinships
But ever loving golden chains also

How long and how many hours of
Phone and skype conversations
Can satisfy a mother?
Distance, time and the wireless
Can they provide the feel of touch?

Birds when grow the wings fly away
But the nest remains alone
Felling each stick
Again donning new wings
Becomes another nest to the flew away birds
The old nest that had been vanished
By the bite of time
Once again gets it germinated in new


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