Walking on the edge of a river-24

English Translation – Swathi Sreepada

Telugu original written by – Dr.C.Bhavani Devi

24.Soaring high

He becomes so egoistic
But in fact, never realizes
The nature as a teacher
Man, without wings
Roving in the sky means
To teach a lesson that
Even to the dream that melts away
Also had a strength

In the path of sleepless nights
He is a targeted arrow of a flight
When watching the first form and feats of it
A feel of saluting the petite birds that blessed
man, with this strength of imagination comes

Turning the human body into a delicate feather
The credit of making a roving of the sky
When greeting the scientific technical
Symbols of greatness
And constructing underwater vessels to travel
Examining the search of progressive powers
With happiness within
An unknown commotion
With respect and pride fear and surprise also
Missing the path in this adventurous route
As if he forgets the human nature

Small and big, travelling and controlling
Destructive and proving
Varied types of metal birds filled with power
Missiles, submarines, satellites
Man, who had a rebirth in travelling space
A mind evaporated machine
Anywhere at anytime
Dreams should grow a man but
Never should flown him away
Is growing means flying?
Isn’t it stretching hands to fellow beings
Its sure one should when eyes are there but
Even in dreams in that new world
Man must live as man only.


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