War (Poem)

War            -V.Vijaya Kumar War is the creation of deadly greed Cremation of humane breed A fair of warheads trade Opponents dug in deficit Bigwigs behind its benefit Commoners made scapegoats War is not simply… Bombshells, broken wings of drones Heaps of debris, fallen trees n’ cranes Sirens of warning bells […]

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Kandepi Rani Prasad


TREE’S ANGUISH            -Kandepi Rani Prasad “ So Lucky you areTo collect the smilesOf milky cheeked tiny tots!Why do you look so anguished then ?”A tree asked   it’s neighbour tree“I am in the schoolI thought and bloatedBloomed heavilyI wanted to becomeA carpet under the tiny feetBy dropping all my bloomsBut by the grace of the teachersI […]

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