Walking on the edge of a river-29

English Translation – Swathi Sreepada

Telugu original written by – Dr.C.Bhavani Devi

Niagara, a new feel

Like you I am also is a part of nature
How come I cannot blend with it

Without any concern of
Any country, time and zone
Without counting the sects or castes
In the oil lamp of mind of crores and crores
You alone know to lit the happiness

Where you might have born
How long might be the travel
Tireless and infinite stream is yours
Uncontrolled water commotion shake is yours
In the running stretch of water plane
The play of bunches of light rays arising
With heaps of rice satisfying the hungers
High intellectuals of resting trees
Niagara O Niagara

You are a universal, magnificent, beautiful water fall
‘winds of the caves’ is it a description?
Unbearable brand-new touch of the water current
A preface to the arrival of modern Ganga
On to the head of Siva
Where is the measurement to our be wetted enrapture?

They fondle it as ‘the maid of the mist’
But separating America and Canada
And without joining,
Meeting them with your water shake hands
Tune even the most delicate minds also.

In warm path of cruise
When water drizzle rain on entire body
I felt how nice it would be if I can take birth as you
Behind the curtains of your snow drops
Even full length people shiver
Groups of tiny birds
Luxuriously going on shire
And challenging our meanness

In the hug of sunrays
The universal form of colorful bridge
As if joining the earth and sky
Can the binocular cameras reach that
From wakeup chanting to evening tune
Every minute enrapturing beauty rays of light
Can they huddle in any eye?
In the twinkling rhythm of electric lights
Your rhythmic roar of dance steps
Can any pen catch it!

Niagara O Niagara
In the epic of my mind as a sweet memory
Whenever I think of you
Proliferate thousand folds my happy melody
When describing you
Again and again
Appear to my eye of the inner self
As a symbol of infinite magnificent power of nature
Let us keep down our heads for you
In our voices
Let your sound of live echo.


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