-V.Vijaya Kumar

War is the creation of deadly greed

Cremation of humane breed

A fair of warheads trade

Opponents dug in deficit 

Bigwigs behind its benefit

Commoners made scapegoats

War is not simply… 

Bombshells, broken wings of drones

Heaps of debris, fallen trees n’ cranes

Sirens of warning bells n’ death knells


Preponement of innocent deaths

Lunacy, depravity, destruction

Deadly, deformity, devastation 

Forbidden hopes

Disabled limbs and loss of lives

Bleeding souls and wounded hearts 

Rattling fears and welled up tears

Once the war ends

Rivals shake hands

Claims vainglorious

Repent losses

Survived richly badged

Martyrs ritually garlanded 

Widows grandly homaged

Roads cleared, poles erected

Peace declared restored

Infants never answered

Why dads hadn’t returned

Losing hopes, homes, n’ to stand aground 

Girls traumatized in refugee camps 

Broken hearts never solaced

Wounded souls never repaired

Deathly silence prevailed everywhere

Kick the devils out from the earth

Trod the Vampires unto death

Sing the hymns of peace aloud

Let the humanity be survived


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