A Dependent’s American Dream

                        English Translation: V.Vijaya Kumar

Telugu Original : “Dependent Swargam ” by Dr K.Geeta

I keep looking at my face in the mirror every day

No change-

Will the dependent face change?

Lethargy froze as if the heap of clothes for iron

Of everyone in the household

Pans in the sink

Plates in the dishwasher

Looks everything fine

No distress of biting water

Carpets spread all over the house-

The machine itself cleans- holding my hand

I’d my own car exclusively

To drop children off at school-

And to fetch groceries

The craze of childhood on pants and shirts gone

Greeting of relatives on the internet is fine

Radio Mirchi- TV Nine- Telugu DVDs-

Days of fire places in the icy snow

Irresistible Malls to visit

Expatriate Andhra people’s Cultural Festivals

I look in the mirror every day- with the same face

No matter how qualified you are Unemployment Visa 

Not lets you cross your threshold

No miracle lamp will appear on any day

His career is the destination of my life

Getting on his feet is a must-see fact

Yes I’d love this country

By any means we reach Trishanku heaven 

Trees and ant hills let off leaves

I have no dollars except tears to let off

Winds and clouds pour rain

I have no currency except silence to hail

Chef, maid

Ironman, driver

Gardener, Finance Manager

Shift after shift…

A single penny is impossible though worked overtime

No hikes, no bonuses, no advances

Days, months go- but no change

In the mirror – the same dependent face


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