In the midst of the no-moon nights

           English Translation: Pulikonda Subbachary

Telugu Original : Jupaka Subhadra

I am the miller (Mixer) which mixes cement and stone

In my pouring tears

My hamlets of untouchables

Roaming in the city in hunt of food

They stand in addas* with hungry eyes

Looking for a work-call

We are dogs while fighting with dogs

At garbage bins for food

It is the game of chess where we are pawns

We are the Jogavvas*

We are the Matammas

We are the ulcers of perennial pain

Our sufferings are thousand footed centipede

They go on forever

Burying of our sufferings…When?


*Adda is a central point in a street or a street corner where all labourers meet and wait in standing for patrons to engage them for that day. Such vantage points are called addas in Telangana.


* Jogavvas and Matammas are women of untouchable castes spared to the service of God. They are initiated in a ritual in a temple.  This is still in vogue in many Telangana villages

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