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Depression, a Telugu short film released in BVC studios youtube channel is gaining a good amount of positive feedbacks from netizens. This short film was written and directed by Roop PS, CEO of BVC studios. He is also the DOP of this film. 

This film was Edited by Sai Sampath. And performed by Shake Chandu and Swathi Mandadi.

This 14 min film revolves around two characters who meet each other for a marriage proposal. When they get to know each other, they find that one of them is in pain of love and the other is into clinical depression.

The writer cum director of the film was inspired by true events in and around him and wants to convey a message that Depression is not easy. He wanted to distinguish between Pain and Depression. He was on point and bold enough to speak how women in few places in any country are being clinical depressed due to sexual abuse at very tender age. Some segments rightly portrayed the trauma which was tough to experience by the women through long years.  

By adding a little curiosity to the reel, suspense evolves between the two characters while they have a conversation. He conveyed that Pain is temporary and Depression is something which is beyond one’s imagination.  The director wants to make a point by spreading awareness on not to misunderstand pain with Depression and take extreme steps in life. Clinical Depression is a very serious problem and the one suffering from it should open up with their closed ones and family. There is no shy in expressing that you are depressed. However, depression can be conquered with right assistance from health professional and proper medication.


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