Blazing Lake

Telugu Original: Dr K.Geeta

English Translation: Madhuri Palaji

The modern demon swallowed her night

Thousands of browser windows swirled him like a whirlpool

The night to be shared equally

Is limiting her only to the waiting part

He doesn’t need romance in the bedroom

Internet harlotry

Even when the beautiful goddess is sleeping next to him

Alas! She is just a wife – 

Oh, she is so chaste

She can’t play new roles every day, she is so virtuous

She only knows spending sleepless nights –

She is a pure jasmine vine

And doesn’t know the short-living desire satisfied by computers

She believes that his late night meetings are professional

Her body attentively waits

For that beautiful moment

When the keyboard’s clinking would stop from the corner of the room

The night is long gone crossing the hair fringes kissing the forehead

The trash bin enlightens in the morning

In the crumpled papers he threw

Lies the excerpt of his desires

And there blew up her blazing lake! 


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