(2nd Annual Issue Competition Poem)

-Sasi Inguva

When I spot you waiting for me in the same place,

Under the Banyan tree with an angelic face,

As I rush out of the school,

I know I’ll be alright

When I come home and lay my head on the pillow of your lap,

While you hum a lullaby as I drift into a slumber,

I know I’ll be alright

When I cling onto the end of your Saari,

As I navigate through this big scary world filled with so many strangers,

I know I’ll be alright

When I overhear your snivels in the kitchen,

But then you come out with the food,

And a smile that hides the dry tears across your cheek,

I know I’ll be alright, but..

When you send me off to the distant world of hopes and dreams

With a bagful of pickles and a handful of talismans

While you hold back the tears in your eyes,

I know I’ll be alright, but will you..

When I keep missing your calls, because my phone is on silent

Or I am working too late, or reveling with friends all night

I know I am alright, but are you..

When you finally see my face on the tiny little screen,

And inquire about my whereabouts for days at end, I snap at you –

“Mom, I know.. I am alright”

When you’ve finished lighting all the “diya”s for the festival of lights,

And you sit down trying to connect the call, but I am not reachable –

The tears you held back until now, finally start flowing..

But then a hand lifts up your head and wipes those tears,

And I say to your surprised face, the words I should have said all along –

“Mom, I am sorry. Are you alright?”


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