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           This article is not only for banks it is for the people who trust the banks and deposit their hard earned money which helps in the rotation of money in economy and develops our country. I am very much concerned as ‘‘I AM THE CITIZEN OF INDIA.”  My ideas, my thoughts and solutions may not be perfect ones but they may reduce the problems to some extent. My article is about ”SCAMS IN BANKS.” According to the world, scam is a way adopted by of potentially illegal means to obtain money, assets or other properties from financial Institutions. In simple words scams are nothing but frauds done by the dishonest people for their own selfish intentions which disturbs our economy. Those dishonest people are not just cheating the banks, indeed they are cheating ”THE SOCIETY”  as it is our money and due to which we are facing many problems such as Inflation, Deflation, Increase in purchasing power and many other economic problems. The result is shattering the living standards of our people and i deteriorated economic conditions. So, what should we understand by this situation, the reducing standard of living of people will not develop our economy. Indeed it is the reason that the value of A RUPEE is becoming LOWER AND LOWER and other countries currency value is increasing every day. Thereby, the GAP between INDIAN CURRENCY and DOLLAR is INCREASING. Now after understanding this situation, WHAT SHOULD BE OUR THOUGHT?   WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THIS?  Our thought should be HOW TO DEVELOP OUR ECONOMY? , HOW TO DEVELOP OURSELVES?  HOW TO DEVELOP INDIA? 

       INDIA is the 7th largest country and is the 2nd largest populated country. India has many nationalized banks, there are many improved techniques and reforms that are happening in India in various sectors. Then WHY INDIA IS STILL A DEVELOPING COUNTRY and why INDIA can’t BE A DEVELOPED COUNTRY. India to become a developed country, FIRSTLY India should know its STRENGTHs and ABILITIES to get solutions to the problems. India should think INNOVATIVELY how to reduce the scams in banks, which is major problem in India. After experiencing THE CASE STUDY OF NIRAV MODI, we need to become pro active country. He planned very smartly and did a scam in the PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK (PNB). When there is a crooked person like Nirav Modi in India who cheated his own country .Then there are many crooked persons in India who are threatening us with their ideas, thoughts, and dreams from developing our country. All they need is little opportunity in the form of loop holes and one chance to prove them. 

There is a saying that ‘‘YOUNGSTERS ARE THE FUTURE OF OUR COUNTRY.”  But I believe that YOUGSTERS + EXPERIENCED PERSONS are really a best combination for = ACHIEVING SUCCESS. The ideas of youngsters and the experience of the seniors are very helpful for the success. The ideas of youngsters are novel and should be constructive for perfect solutions for the problems. 

Now let us discuss something really very important that is scams in banks. Scam is a very powerful weapon for an intelligent dishonest person. But there is a solution to reduce scam. Why not our government or banks have a separate department for Investigation or Police Verfication against the big shot people who come to bank for loans? It is the duty of both bank and government to have a complete investigation( by hiring experts) whether he will be able to pay , what might be the intention or motto to take large amount of loan from bank, verifying about his status, money, life, lifestyle, abilities, securities and properties. So, that they can confirm whether to sanction him a loan or not. This Investigation or Police verification will be very much useful for the banks to trace him out or cease all his securities, properties existing inside or outside the country. This solution will be very much helpful for the banks and to the innocent citizens of the country.  If this is implemented people can once again build their trust on the banks which they lost due to scams and other bank frauds. I hope this solution will definitely bring a change in our economy. 

Once Again people will start trusting banks and will deposit their money and the banks may give high interest rates due to which we can develop DIGITAL INDIA where no one uses hard cash which is major ” reason FOR CORRUPTION.” If investigation process is carried out in a wise manner by the banks and government then, we can see slowly the standard of living of people will be increasing and In future we might see ” INDIA AS A DEVELOPED COUNTRY.”


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