The stranger blessing’s


This old man here in the above picture is responsible for keeping the fire burn. His job is to add the sugar crane scrap to the fire and let the fire burn until the whole process of making jaggery. He is been working since many years under this jaggery making business and his daily wages are 150 rupees per day.

At beginning while clicking this picture he has this serious face so, felt kind of awkward to talk and click more pictures but still asked everything I can, He seemed kind of rude to me. He never questioned any details about me nor refused to answer the questions I asked him and he answered everything in detail. This old person is quite the whole time but while I was leaving that place he just came to me smiling and blessed me to study well and make my parents proud.

(In his accent: baga chaduvukoni manchi peru tevali mii amma nannagariki)

I was surprised when he smiled and blessed me.

This old man who has this serious face the whole time can also smile? I questioned myself uncertainly.

Then realized that I talked and questioned him while he was busy in his work. He has to deal with the hot fire and the scrap burning smoke and fire drizzles. He had a very difficult work to deal with but still answered everything I asked for. He is Such a kind hearted person.

I learnt one thing that day we should never disturb a person when they are at work or judge someone just by their mood or looks. Every person has their own problems to deal with and life to live with. We are just a small tiny segment in their life.

So I realized to stay positive even at tiny moments of my life observing only positive energy.

In the end those pure unselfish stranger blessings meant a lot to me.

This picture is clicked at Kandarakota (East Godavari) at sugar crane industry.


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