Need of the hour -14

Being good is human, it’s normal


Many a times we search for human qualities in a man. In many instances we see someone is appreciated for being human. Yes sounds strange, isn’t it. Very annoyingly, man has moved so far away from his humane qualities that, he needs to be appreciated for he being his real self. 

We need to be Humans, we cannot let humanity end silently.  We need to stand as a leader, and be a torch bearer not a torch barrier.

Being human is not a demonstration on the roads or pleasing someone throughout our life. It is to ensure that we discharge our duties diligently, live and let live everyone around us. We need to live a simple and an acceptable life both at home and outside. 

Man’s life can be distributed into four divisions. They are,

  1. Family Life
  2. Official Life
  3. Social Life 
  4. Spiritual Life

When family life takes care of our very close personal needs, it puts us into a family fabric, which allows us to remain in constant, continuous connect with our blood relations. This is a biological bond which is very close in our life. Our family understands our needs and requirements and we reciprocate the same in times of need. We play different roles in a family life, but one needs to understand that they need not try to dominate each other. This will set a wrong example to the kids and younger generation and thereby allowing them to emulate the same as they grow up in life. In the world of communication, it’s more graceful, if elders in a family can enter into a dialogue, rather than feeling that they need to prevail. Dominating anyone can never ensure respect at all times. Family fabric has to be protected by having a proper connect and healthy discussion, when ever required. Such family times enable everyone to grow with good principles in life.   

Official life is a place where we need to act responsibly, unbiased and also truthful. Discharging responsibility is our primary duty and it needs to be the most important job of each one. A leader or a boss or a senior at work should be always a role model. He should be pro active, good at communication skills and be a person who can think in multiple angles. This will help the juniors to gain confidence, perform better and also have great reverence to his work place and colleagues. 

Social life is again a duty of each of us to be receptive, emotional and extend empathy, and also remain silent when we need to understand the situations around us. Become impulsive and do our bit to make the situations better. Without expecting anything in return, we should contribute in our own way. Harmonious living conditions can be established if everyone has a feel and connect with each other. In today’s world, we live in co-operative societies sharing many basic amenities. It is important to understand each other and preserve common properties which belong to a group or a community. 

Spiritual life is faith on this universe. We need to believe that there is an unseen good force which is driving us on this earth. This instills confidence when we feel low and also removes unwanted fears in the minds of mediocre people on this earth. Trust, faith and confidence can make a person become assured of so many things in this world. There is no need to encourage and continue a dialogue which brings disparities between people. God is all pervading. Let us not enter into arguments to justify any faith. Any faith which is on the righteous path is that unseen GOD. 

Thus, the need of the hour is to ensure we spend fruitful life by contributing our time into all the areas of family life, official life, social life and spiritual life. This way, on the day we feel low, we can look back into our own life and feel contended that we could do our bit in the course of our life. Healthy living is possible, if we plan our time in short term and long term in all the four angles. 

Living life to one’s own satisfaction can help an individual to remain confident and helps him to be a healthy social being on this earth. After all, being good is human, it’s normal. 


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