Need of the hour -17



Give a child to play a puzzle, a set of building blocks or messy clay. He is all set to arrange, create and innovate. This shows children are patient enough to take up any task. 

So, when a child has enough patience to understand, we elders need to have confidence on them and help them to understand instead of indulging in unreasonable scolding. 

I do agree, always time does not permit to explain everything in detail. But in many situations, we need to have a dialogue, instead of scolding the child. 

Child who is abused will try to reciprocate the same towards others. So, whenever there is time, sit with the child to discuss, put reason and come out with agreement points which are sensible in every way. 

A child if scolded or ill treated will become,

  1. Stubborn /Adamant
  2. Unreasonable / irresponsible
  3. Reluctant
  4. Abusive
  5. Senseless

In contrast if the same child is not scolded or ill-treated, he will be,

  1. Charming
  2. Logical
  3. Responsible
  4. Proactive
  5. Purposeful

So, can we now agree that scolding is a cold method and also an old method to mend the new generation kid? It’s time we realise. 


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