My Life Memoirs-20

My Life, Full of Beautiful Memories

-Venigalla Komala  

37.Our Friends in America

Prof. Krishna Kumar and his wife Jyothirmayi Alapati : They are our friends from India and long ago settled in America. The Professor is a very –knowledgeable person  and takes deep interest in our Puranas and Vedas. Being a Science professor he has a host of tips for our science teachers on how to make science more interesting to the kids in the class room. Both are soft spoken and are always ready to discuss various topics, thus making conversation lively. We are frequent guests at their house, enjoying their generous hospitality. My regards and best wishes are forever with this couple.

 Kenneth Marsalek is Innaiah’s friend in Maryland. They meet once in a month and discuss subjects of their interest.

 John Emmett and Jane are also neighbours now and Innaiah’s  fine friends. They spend some evenings together watching movies and sharing their thoughts. Steve Haffmaster and Carol are our neighbors and friends.

Our children’s friends are our friends too. We enjoy meeting them occasionally and when we do we forget that we are actually old.

Raju’s friends: Murali and Pratima, Sreenivas Satrasala and Madhuri, Sreenivas, and Rajya lakshmi Lingutla are close to us now.

Naveena’s friends:  Noble Roberts and, Sarah. Nobi is like an elder brother to Naveena. He is always there to lend his helping hand to her at all times. His sisters Queeni, Angela John,  Glory – Andrew are wonderful people to be associated with- Dr.Deep Kukreti –our primary caregiver- Jolly, Keerti, Santa, Madhu, Neelam Singh are our friends also and they hail originally from North India. Ritaji,- Pawahji, Dr. Amitha Jha and Dr.Amitha are our dear friends. Jyothi- Ravi Chivukula, Radhika-Kitty, Paulina- Paul- whom we meet quite often and enjoy their company. Aziza, Mir, Raj Kumariji join this list of our friends.

I feel proud that I have had wonderful friends and I am thankful to all of them

38.Losing My Dear Ones

My father lived a beautiful life and passed away peacefully at the age of 93. That was his routine day of fasting during the week and he breathed his last while resting in his bedin 1995.

My mother passed away in her sixties. A paralytic stroke took her away from us  very early, back in1974.

My brother suffered from asthma for a long time and died from cardiac arrest in 1984 when he was only in his sixties.

My eldest sister Kamala took care of our parents until the end. She sacrificed her time and wealth in serving the family, especially my brother’s family. She did a lot of social service for her village poor along with her husband. They were respected by the whole village and she is a ‘Dhanyajeevi’. She donated her eyes and other organs when she left the world, after suffering from cancer of the uterus 1997.

My second sister Vimalakka endured a lot of stress and strain in her life and spinal problems and an infection ended her life in 2010.

Syamalakka and I are the two remaining of my parent’s children.


(To be continued-) 

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