Need of the hour -21

Pandemic, It’s Impact… Let’s think!!!!!


Let us browse through our Life styles, small gestures, etiquette, living habits,
planning, time table, hobbies, education, values, relationships, work life
balance, dress style, rhythm in life, food habits, partying, outing, fitness and in
many more areas. There are so many expectations, give and take between
people, and delicacies in our feelings which need to be taken along with living
in our lives.
Now! Are we experiencing distortion in all or many of these areas in our lives?

Parents expect children to be more systematic, chalk out a time table, follow it
meticulously and reach new heights in their lives. It can be a minimum
expectation one can have on the future of their kids. In the days of pandemic,
when we are unable to send our kids to schools, colleges, how are we helping
them at homes?

Same way, children can look upon parents and feel, that they need to learn finer
aspects in life to gain maturity. As elders are we making any positive impact on
our kids and youngsters? Are we as parents giving a chance for kids to emulate
us? Kids don’t listen to what we say, but they see what we do.

Both men and women need to introspect!! Are we trying to set an example as
brother and sisters, wife and husband, colleagues, neighbors and in our many
more relations?

If for all the above mind boggling situations, if we are positively impacting
people around us and the society, it’s excellent. But what if we are not!! Are we
not getting into more problems which are more dreadful than Covid, and any
such pandemic which can become an endemic in all our lives?

The question is, if we adapted ourselves and accepted the reality and moved
positively, we really made a great difference and transformed ourselves totally.
But what about those who could not reconcile with the reality and still are
unable to come to terms with life?

With rich heritage, culture and great philosophers, Samaritans in the history of
this world, we are supposed to rectify so many things around us? The world has faced many pandemics, yet it is in order. It’s now our turn to see if we can
preserve values and remain focused about our future.

As a constant thinker and a positive person and with a major fear about our
country and this world at large, I feel we need to tighten our belts, sit and
ponder on many of these aspects.

This is a very important question for all of us?
Sitting at home, work from homes, online shopping, ordering food from apps
has become a routine.
Lethargic lives without any proper sleep timings, no intentions to contribute in
our works and lazy life styles are not something which can be appreciated by
anyone around us. We also got into the practice of not having proper dress or
attires staying at home.

We are not hard pressed with time, so deadlines are not adopted to complete any
of our tasks. Food habits also are not healthy in many families. We also learnt to
take people at home for granted and not really respecting or regarding one

Confined to homes, watching television, browsing, chatting has thrown away
most of the healthy hobbies in many of our lives. Though there are exceptions,
many of us are not following a pattern in our lives. With so much time in hand,
we only need to follow some order which can rectify our unplanned, mundane
lifestyles. If not, when indiscipline becomes our way of life, it is going to be

Time to think and it’s the need of the hour. If not,
Covid-19, will impact our life on earth for next 91 years. Do we need to
introspect, If yes, Start Now….


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