Walking on the edge of a river-3

English Translation – Swathi Sreepada

Telugu original written by – Dr.C.Bhavani Devi

3. The impression of ocean  

Is it required to explain the beauty of water
When the earth covered itself completely
With a cloth of water
As the creatures depending on water
All the oceans are but
Water lines drawn by us

Dividing them with diverse names
Those who want to rule the kingdom of water
How can they understand the future dreams of water?

Let any shore be touched the same anguish of waves
Let any wave be gazed, an uncontrolled disturbance
As if drained sunlight into palms
As if spread the milky moonlight in the mind
As if the entire body had the water clouds
Peacock feathers

How many scenes of proud oceans can we catch?
How many signs of the roar of the sea
Can we multiply?

Man kneeling down before
The infinite treasure of water
In front of the nature
He always remains a finger tall
Mother soil in bluish green
Nothing but an infant sleeping on a banyan leaf

Disturbing the magnificent ocean
Piercing oil wombs with machine crow bars
For the shattered pieces of ancient civilization
For the treasures slipped from the ancestors
For aquatic creatures under the ocean
Even if conflagrations kindle in the heart of water treasure
It always saves and saves as a mother.

Now and then, though threatens as annoyed
Even in listlessness
Never thinks to put forth a step
Forgetting the absolute fact that

Forever the basis of the soil you are standing on
Is the ocean
If wants to control
On some shore it runs as a terrorist

In this Atlantic Ocean also
This vast wave that touched my feet and greeted me
Might have arrived
From my village palace
For me this far
Wherever I watch a sea
I feel as if shaking my hands with the deep
Of my village
My outer and inner impressions of ocean
Are united by this rule of water only


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