Poems of Aduri Satyavathi Devi


Reflections Do Not Talk

Telugu Original: Aduri Satyavathi Devi

English Translation: Munipalle Raju

These are the fragrant smells of perfume

Rained by a human shrub drop by drop.

These are the thrills in an echoing breast

Roused by whiffs of a scented feast.

These are the tears of our human race

These are the voiceless laments for child victims

The silent wails of all mothers and parents.

These creative energies for words

Did not emerge as sounds in ease

They were the vigils of listless nights

They were the results of so many burns in the heart.

A Torment

An anguish

And a Search!

An offering of a total Life!

For a Dove of Peace to release

When Rivers were flooded with blood

For a fistful of sentiments

When the distress fills the entire Space!

After digging the brains haphazard

After mocking the humane in concord

The strokes are not so loud – Tick! Tick

But you feel the silent blows of a hammer hurting

How many wasted Dreams!

Like the lively waves of a Blue Expanse

Bashing their heads against rocky feet

Those immobile and motionless monsters.

The fetters that refuse to break like pregnant clouds

The little Christ’s on the crosses in so many mines

Lives burdened in the workshop clamours.

They stare from the Televisions of my Eyes

They stand questioning and questioning More

Looking and flowing the cosmonaut in the Sky

At his rocket knifing through unmapped space


Telugu Original : ‘Mooga Bhavalu’

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