Walking on the edge of a river-8

English Translation – Swathi Sreepada

Telugu original written by – Dr.C.Bhavani Devi

8. Ash

From the word bullets targeted at night
Wind slowly sprouts
It dawns very soon
A desire to write a happy poem
As if a thorn pierced into the pen

Isn’t it the poetry to some extent
That vanishes the grief of loneliness
Its understood that the meaningless lines
Drawn hitherto are nothing but illusions of oil paints
When I disappear into the darkness of sleep
My pen that cannot script another poem
Drizzles tears of troubles

This east turning crimson also
Dashes the lump of fire, the sun
Let any number of times falter
As an infant trying to walk
Life is nothing but a learning to walk

Suffocating the days and nights
Opposing winds rashness increasing
My friend, now I can’t write with this pen
Blowing of the ash on the burning embers
Let me make my pen the burning stick
And on the unfathomable darkness of agony
To spread the bed linen of light ….


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