Four-legged room

                       English Translation: V.Vijaya Kumar Telugu Original : “Nalugu Kalla Gadi” by

Dr K.Geeta

A four-legged room around me

Displayed scenes after scenes 

Setting sun gulping rocks

Heavy rain never smacks 

Series of retreating trees

Scorching summers turned cool breezing sprees 

Shivering colds never allowed to hugging warmth 

Many reminiscences in this room!!

Boisterous laughs, chuckles, regrets, resentments

Like the particles of dust that cannot be swept under the feet

Roaming and crossing villages

Across the brooks-

And hills and dales

When I resume front wheel 

Distances contracted 

Felt pride as if the rudder of the world in hand

And warmth of hugging newborn babe

A dragonfly sweeping on streets with no wings

A bumper fiber chariot transports many at ease 

A small scratch makes a big crevice in heart-

A smudge of mud craves for a bath-

Whose room it would be next day

That maudlin the panels of heart soppy!  

Selling of car is swapping of painful memories 

Auctioning all the bonds hooked the four walking legs-

Rules and fines are petty thorns

No more liability for petrol, services in thousands

No baffled traffic jams nor second shifting gears

But what a pity- it’s a machine-

It slaves even to a heartless one 

Didn’t beseech not to be left

Smashed or swapped 

Neither take it to heart – nor hurt –

A mere machine obeying orders!

Though I renounce my room now

Why it’s pacing heavy in heart I don’t know

Now the four-legged room stayed in me


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