Walking on the edge of a river-14

English Translation – Swathi Sreepada

Telugu original written by – Dr.C.Bhavani Devi

14.The island of tears

Leaving forever born and brought up country
Changing the names of the roots of ancestors
Packing the heap of dreams
Migrating to a distant country
To any anyone…at anytime
Is nothing but carrying an unhealed wound till the end

In the map of modern world
Europeans biggest threshold of migration
The ocean target of Atlantic is Ellis Island
Religion, politics and unemployment
The burden of family is a sharpened adventure
Investigating a new life
Had a rebirth from horrible water journey

No idea if the walk is forward or a retreat
Thirty- one questions that scan complete length
Health examinations that force to climb the steps and swallow
Let any number of families get disturbed
As one after the other boat the mobs of refugees
Forgetting the old currency
To wear another recognition
With the toys if infants too
Class-wise certificate hats
If a man listens with ears of mind
E registry hall would have sounded silently
The hubbub of the migrated only
What remained in the boxes of the carried was
Unforgettable dumb affections anguish
In the eyes of millions of sleepy eyes
Waiting in the dormitory
The crowdedness lighted the lamps of hope

Ireland is the starting foot and Norway the ending step
Varied languages that could not describe the agony of migration
Ringing sighs on the dais of silent tunes
Foundation stones of the progress of super power countries
All stepped into this tear-island with dreams

The names of those adventurers who hugged
The soil cordially -singing the wave tunes of Hudson
When thinking of the young waves of our country
Running here
Who knows these also
Might be tomorrows lists of migrators


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