Walking on the edge of a river-17

English Translation – Swathi Sreepada

Telugu original written by – Dr.C.Bhavani Devi

17. Again mother

The home without you
Its like a burning globe in the vacuum
From the coffee filter welcoming in the morning
To the good night the lights in the night
Everything searches for you ‘in tears

Vessels in the kitchen and grinder alone
Understood your life time agony
Recalling your death salvation
They alone leave the drops of sighs

Mother means
Not only the magic vessels that satisfies the hunger
Every minute as the backbone supports us to be straight
After losing mother only
Everyone can understand
A pot of sacred plant in the backyard,
jasmine vine, bush of henna
Mother cow waiting in the premises
And the beggars are
Waiting hopefully for the din of your three feet
Again and again
Even the tiny young bird
Peeping through the nest
Knows the secluded grief of oldage
That even the self-born couldn’t realize
The walking stick that stood in a corner mourning
Casting its head down, is better
It stood as a support to you till the end

Yes mom, better than those
Who were brought up in your hands
As your own life
The lifeless stick had a fortunate life


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