Peacock of the Rain (poem)

Telugu Original: Mandarapu Hymavati

EnglishTranslation: Syamala Kallury

As when a poem that has not taken shape
In the mind since long, emerges suddenly
Opening the fan of raindrops,
The peacock of the rain, breaks into a dance.

As when some unseen goddesses
Rain jasmines with cupped hands,
Like the pearls of blessed rice
The bridegroom, the sky
Showers on the head of the bride, the Earth,
Like the silk threads woven with moonlight
Like silver threads
Rains pours down on the earth like
A bridge of raindrops

The fear of catching cold,
Of getting fever,
Of sprouting plants as on wet soil
You close all the windows
Away from nature in an AC room

Why do you lock yourself up?
Open the closed windows and
Half-closed eyelashes,
And just look out

The drop that falls on your forehead
Like the painted tilak,
The drop that falls on the tip of your nose
Like a beautiful nosepin
The drop that falls on your lip
Like a fresh jasmine, just blossomed.

Heart like a Sahara
Life like an oasis
Everyone to one’s own loneliness
Without any feelings, a closed pitcher
Like a machine that earns, constantly
Like a spring that never sings
On days moisture less and dry

Getting drenched
Somewhere, sometime
In the sea of tears
On the waves of romance
In the flood of emotions
Is what makes life complete!

Swaying in the winds of rain
Leaning through the window
The hibiscus plants a cool kiss

Like a heart lightened
After unburdening
The years of sorrows
Like the clouds that spread across
After the rain the clear sky
White jasminecarpet-covered.


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