I wanna walk…

-Jhansi Koppisetty

I was flying like an angel..
But a great fall broke my ankle..!

Till then I was fulfilling everyone's wishes..
Had to wake up to my senses with all the stitches..!

Ankle broke three ways..
Added bonus dislocation sideways..!

Plates and screws were all used..
Doctors pinned and stapled bones fused..!

I had no knowledge of software..
But now I can boast of the hardware..!

My legs lost the balanced stride..
Now I drag myself with all my hopes died..!

With every step I can feel the electric shock..
My mother has put all my heels under the lock..!

Stuck to the bed is bringing out depression..
Not able to walk like others up the frustration..!

Doctors are giving hopes of 90% chances..
But I want back my fast legs and their stances..!

Friends and family are giving their love..
But I am not in a state to mind those now..!


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