Walking on the edge of a river-20

English Translation – Swathi Sreepada

Telugu original written by – Dr.C.Bhavani Devi


20.Memories of floods

In the revolution of galaxies of centuries
From endless circles of earth
If the name is heard once again
In childhood
Crossing over the heads
That went away cursing the heaps of dead bodies
The night of flooding touches as salty

Anonymously stiffened dear people
For the greenery that entirely joined the water
Even now the eyes turn wet
Taking birth somewhere in the middle of an ocean
To recognize the tempest that drips in ramming down death
How far it is possible for any intellect?

Lakhs of people getting caught in the fangs of famine
Thousands climbing the water altars
Do you know that?
Brand new disease marks of tears
Streams of Himalayan rivers snow
The alarming of the layers of mind of the earth
Very cold breezes … the cruel attitudes of tsunamis
The eye that could find out
If rises in the sky
Isn’t it a new shield relief to all living beings?

Rotating in different directions
In the orbit of earth
For all the calamities of atmosphere
Sieving with looks
To the satellite hand of floods
That gives life to all humans in charity
To the feet of those sculptors of the universe
Not only the ocean
But the floods too
Submitting the hoods, pay the salute


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