Tempest of time (poems)

-Kondapalli Niharini

Translated by Elanaaga

8.Homage of Syllables

Whenever occasions don’t revert halfway,
all the experience should listen, say, see the words of
known people, things worth knowing, deeds to be
divulged and become a journey not waited.
When answerless questions come near,
immerse in NEWS, play the game of four posts;
the hands that don’t wipe tears only spill dirt!
When flame-dousing thoughts don’t sprout,
mud roots are converted into
three legs to reach the grief sea.
If every soul can cross Styx,
why would brambles grow on so many corpses?
If the triplet of mind, word and deed
stays only in Trisanku heaven,
at least some overtness should show up.
What is left except the Earth and the sky?
But for the world’s three- quarters of water,
all others are floods of tears cheated.
What paths are lurking behind this peace?
Now, the moon’s secret places
are antagonistic centres of bonds.

When they are yielding grief,
carry the ‘six enemies’ on their shoulders and move.
Is your mind saying,
“You will be shattered if you turn back”?

(Carried in NetiNijam magazine and Kavisayantram, a What’s App group)


(To be continued-)

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