Poems of Aduri Satyavathi Devi


I Have No Death

Telugu Original: Aduri Satyavathi Devi

English Translation: J Bhagyalakshmi

Somehow I have to keep myself alive everyday
Even if I had not attained oneness with divinity
Even if I had not flown on the crest of any lightning
To keep my aim at the target
To give a fistful of happiness to life
The way a weaver weaves with ease
Skilfully on his loom
I should be accustomed
To stand in the battlefield
To keep thought and hope alive
To see life does not become a bloody ball
One has to take a new birth now and then
Like the sky that has shed its water
Like the piercing ray of the Sun
When it is time to shine
One has to come forward
Treading over the neck of death
Even when eyelids are tired
And closing for deep sleep
Even when the body is limp and drooping
One has to hold on to the feet of a poem
And think that one is moving with time
But should not mistake it as death
Having carried billions of dark nights
One should recognize the index of a moment’s rest
While placing the foot on a shining wing
One should not pitiably declare
That it is death
When there is no death for wind, water
All pervading beautiful soul and nature
There is no death for an ever-thirsty person
For the growing thirst for knowledge
That is filling the earth and the sky
And for me
There is no death until this nature itself faints.


Telugu Original :‘Naaku Maranam Ledu’

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