Poems of Aduri Satyavathi Devi


Moonlit Buds of Poetry

Telugu Original: Aduri Satyavathi Devi

English Translation: Shyamala Kallury

Moonlit buds of poetry
Float on the streams of Time in colourful boats
Hearts aflame with poetic delight and
Questing eyes bind their lives with moonlit
Buds of poetry, emitting dreams.
Keep the door ajar,
Let one divine raga enter and
The fragrant scented silky threads move
Ever so slightly, before you invite the moonlit
Buds of poetry in
Let there be a spring dance, grace incarnate, inside you.
Get drenched in that fragrance
And let there be a cloud swing
Swinging your imagination to and fro.
Hold them close to your heart, the moonlit buds of poetry.
Once you learn
From whose inner beauty these buds have emerged
Whose life’s dreams have consummated and emerged
Out of whose meditative mind have they emerged
As a visual script, spreading far and wide
Whose ruined five-hued nature manifested into
Memories of bitter tears
Once you know, you will learn afresh!
Only when you dip yourself into the confluence of
These rivers, can you chart out an inner path.
Pick the word jasmines
Shape life like a delightful arch of garlands
You will then find the image inside the bud large and wide!


Telugu Original :‘Vennela Moggalu’

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