Walking on the edge of a river-26

English Translation – Swathi Sreepada

Telugu original written by – Dr.C.Bhavani Devi

The dust of time

Memory means
Isn’t flowing into the past?
How sweet it would be
That level sad also

In the layers of dust piled up
On the leaf of life
Dimmed waves of silent memory
Now and then becomes the curtains of wind

Some becomes the monsoon clouds
Quiver us drenching completely
From the first page till now
How many names, faces, acquaintances
Occasions and incidents
Uncountable windows
On the screen of computer
No correlation between one and the other

Some twist the mind
Coming to memory even after refusal
Some walking into the past vanish dimly
But, the thorns sown by them
As if abruptly stopped serial
Enjoying in dark room…

Some illusions of close people
Becoming bitter flowers and wash their hands
After fulfilling their needs
How many revengeful divers go away throwing off
For some unknown
We feel even to sacrifice life
They never even lift their eyes to look at us
But, some undue people
Officially need the sacrifice of our lives

Friends, obstructed in childhood
Home, toys, teachers, sports
Worn clothes… drained tears
On the first day of joining the job
Will be remembered
Everything will be remembered
We never remember today’s date
All the poems of those days we had byheart
But what we read today never comes to mind
Doubts we have in well learned language
Ultimately, I may not remember my name also
Every day I write the name Rama in a book

In rolling of unseen wheel of time
From far of lands on an early dawn
When childhood friendship greets in telephone
To remain as a memory at least
My hearts wet layer becomes dry and brittle
To the life epic of all these days
It seems as if an end I can get


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