Tempest of time (poems)

-Kondapalli Niharini

Translated by Elanaaga

14. The Song of the Present

It’s a song;
it embraced a long silence,
crossedthe tombs of hatred
near the bonds of affection.
A dwelling erected
in our life struggle.
It has seen not only the stars
In the firmament, the ripples in the sea,
and thecage-like nests of heart,
but immeasurable times too.
Also, some are accompanying it.
Holding the finger of a sorrow song
that cannot cross the silent bridge,
it has seen only a walking man.
Talent has no measurements
The refrain always lost sheen
Man has left the crescent in the
corrections of tune is trying to find
excuses with downcast glances.
He is becoming a correction.

The song of the heart is today’s poem;
with the naturalness of humanity,
with the family, full of essential qualities
he is being born again as a new man.
Dabbing scents on pieces of glass,
smearing colours on wounds,
he’s leaving some kind of magic.
Picking stars with a familiar lingo,
transforming the seas into rivers,
flying the untainted freedom; he’s trying to
build bridges of bonhomie between hearts.
Becoming a note for own song,
he is correcting the lines
and singing the song of the present.
He is flourishing on his own.

(Palapitta magazine)


(To be continued-)

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