Poems of Aduri Satyavathi Devi


The Epical Touch

Telugu Original: Aduri Satyavathi Devi

English Translation: NS Murthy

To mine eyes long forgotten dreaming
And to my heart’s precincts shut for ages
There came an eyeful ocular epic
Handing me out an invitation
And churning a new lyric in me.

The blue herds leisuring out on the sky
Must have hugged dearly the yonder hills
For, they drench in the cascade
Of warping blue hues.

Carrying fragrances,
Fresh blooms in the floral palanquin
Wind throws a song
Among a plethora of chirrupy chips
And lo!
In a while the whole vale wells up in symphony,
Gay capricious youth is at play.
Over the tree trunks
Notched up by the wintry wind
Mischievous shoots peep in.

A verdure velvet carpet
Spreads evenly across the forest.
The blushing Kasiratnams gleam over it.
Grass flowers and tender Parijata enchant butterflies.
The unity of divergent beauty
Seems an ‘Eye-ken’ blessed by nature.
To unveil these charms
Lazying in wafer dew blanket
The sire, above the oriental line
Comes with chilled hands of delight
Comely cuddling and delicately embracing each heart.

That dawn of warm sunshine
Is a wreath of blossoming ideas.
Where unity alone abounds,
Is a message of peace,
The purity of a new-born baby.

From the magma of my experiences
From the shades of arresting landscapes
From the elevated souls of ancient seers
Here comes a new man…walking down
The farmer… who can cultivate peace upon earth.


Telugu Original :‘Kaavya Sparsa’

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