Poems of Aduri Satyavathi Devi


The Same Way — Again

Telugu Original: Aduri Satyavathi Devi

English Translation: NS Murthy

Making each night a moonbeam-bud
I yearn to adorn the flower vase on the table.
Taking the advice of the friendly air
To try to incense the room
With glittering fantasies of youthful passions,
But falter.
To welcome you with oodles of pleasurable thoughts
I hurry to garland with my broke, lifelong desires
And flutter like a wind-awaiting leaf
To offer the bouquet of friendship
For you to enjoy it a lifetime.
After having done all this,
I would be besieged with doubt
If the whole endeavour would dwarf
Before the lovely cascade of smiles
You are going to present me in admiration.
Moonshine continues to melt and evaporate.
Like infants, dreams doze off over shoulders in fatigue
Eyes close in dark dejection
As lightning subsides under their lashes.
Loneliness bites off like banishment to an alien island.

At that moment, you arrive
With one step forward and three steps backwards,
Reeking foul, a half-beast, losing yourself completely.
You siege me with insipid fever.
The string breaks—and so does the dream.
The plumed tides of passion break lifeless and hang on the walls.
Portraying generations of defeat
Either for necessity like rotor blade
Or, for continuance of a meaningless bond
This shameless rote life goes on gyrating.

I dress it up
With several fine embellishments and struggle to stay afloat
Under the weight of counterfeit values.


Telugu Original :‘Mallee Ilaage’

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