ALBERT EINSTEIN once said “Creativity is intelligence having fun”

The use of imagination to develop a simple idea or a concept in a unique way is creativity. It adds colors, joy and attraction to a simple idea. As we all know The world is rapidly changing from the information age into the innovation age. Where, creativity is the root of innovation. We are in a creative world where we seek for those simple things to be unique. Thinkers, innovators, explorers, curiosity-seekers and many more works on the key principle “creativity”.

Coming to the history of this concept “ Maciej Kazimierz Sarbiewski ” an 17th century polish poet applied the word “creativity” to his poetry for the first time. But, the evolution of humans itself is a creativity. The ability to think is what makes us humans, from inventing languages to communicate, to write and to learn. Now writers, painters, musicians, photographers, directors, scientists, programmers, sculptors are somehow engaged in the activity related to creating. In simple terms “Creativity is ruling the world”.

Studies also show that creative people are able to live with uncertainty because they can adapt their thinking to allow the flow of the unknown. Here are a few things that help me to be creative. 

  • Dig a big hole of the concept.
  • Take time to wander.
  • Pretend to it everyday
  • Welcome new ideas
  • Share with others
  • When searching for an ultimate idea do not ignore the small, simple one.

As I always wanted to be creative in my own way, I wanted some of my pictures to be unique. Exploring all the ideas, above are my favorite pictures I clicked.


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