The Farewell Plane

Telugu Original: Dr K.Geeta

English Translation: Madhuri Palaji

Dark clouds are swarming in the skies outside

Same as in my heart–

By now… the flight you boarded

Must have crossed those clouds above

I didn’t know it was so easy for you to cross over

Enough pain to get accustomed

For two lives

For two existences

Is gliding along with mirrors

In the muddled vision

Through your plane window

Thousand broken pieces 

Of my rifting heart

Donno how you sustained and reclined but–

The last minute I bid farewell to you at the airport

The pain that sprouted as seeds in the corner of your eyes

Is growing heavier into a huge tree in my throat

Every time you arrive, the sorrow of parting is true

Every time you leave, the promise of coming again is a lie

Clouds are slowly clearing

Pain, on the other hand, is clouding

Memories revolving

Along the equator

Are gleaming as beams in the doorway

I think the light rays are from the passage of your plane

Pain with thousands of hands

Is making my heart shudder even in sleep

I think it is from the turbulence of your plane

The poetry is akin, between

Two lives and

Two existences

Blending us together–

Obscured from

Pains and sorrows

Dawns and dusks

Welcomes and farewells–


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