Him in the Window

Telugu Original: Dr K.Geeta

English Translation: Madhuri Palaji

Once upon a time

As long as he was in the room

He would turn me into the sky

Embracing me like a dark cloud

Putting thunders like kohl in my eyes

Presenting me the shawl of rainbow

Applying the dripping drops of rain

Like a blush to my coral cheeks


He would then

Turn me into a valley of flowers

Every place he touched me tenderly

With the nectar of his lips-

When we embraced each other

Like the twigs of Jasmine

Our happiness bloomed like flowers

Many quivering nerves

Behind the stuck and crushed bodies 

Of our entwined bonding–

As long as he was in the room

He would caress


And delectate me

Now he-

Crossed the room

Crossed my heart

Crossed my love-filled core

And is buried in the cyber window

Outside the window-

In the sprouting

Poisonous fangs

My heart

Is bleeding

And hanging

Like a jammed



Released by

The demon inside him

The precious bonding


Tyrannically by him

For him

Who astrally entered

Into this technological world

By becoming a smartphone

Where even the last souvenir

Is lost without a single evidence

Are there eyes to see the thunder valleys?

Is there time to enjoy the fragrance of Jasmines?

All that is left

In the place 

Where I craved for

A palmful of paradise

Are dry heaves that bring dawn

After nights filled with tears

Facing away from each other

Days go by without a single word

Now he-

Is not in the room

And not in my heart


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