Need of education


Here is a picture of a small child selling balloons on a road platform and in another picture children are going to school.

India prohibits discrimination against any citizen on the basics of religion, caste or gender. For many years India has been fighting for gender equality.

These days women are not less than men, they are competing in every field and standing equal to men but people in rural areas still treat girls as a burden to pass on. 

I personally find many children of age 6-7years selling toys on the road platform. I can really see them struggling at a little age to survive and I also saw many of my friends were forced to marry at small ages, skip education and now bound to the kitchen. I personally feel as per the rules of India everyone has their right for education and I hope it’s the only way to fight against any social issues. The knowledge needs to be taught to the society.

Every country has its own system of education. It has continued evolving until today education is a powerful tool that helps in molding the ethics and culture of the society.

It is a never ending journey of an individual that includes achievements, struggles, success, failures, importance and begins at home with parents and continues till death.

As Jawaharlal Nehru once said 

“The child of today is tomorrow’s future”.

I totally agree with it.



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