Victory Behind Wings

English Translation: Madhuri Palaji

Telugu Original : Dr K.Geeta

When I stand hanging in the mid-air with outstretched arms

You are the tiny star that sprouted from deep inside my core

Every step I walked holding you in my arms

Every second I crossed

Is wearing a mask of smiles

Stifling the terrified and saddened heart

At the end of the throat

For this very moment

Prayer-filled lips used to move silently

Always in the wake of midnight

Some memories used to strain

At the tips of eyes like a waterfall

The heaviness of

Carrying you

For over twenty two years

Felt like alternating the weight on another shoulder

Do you remember, son?

Chocolates that could be bought only once in a month

Ice creams that could be eaten only once in a month

Twenty two years didn’t go by fast

Every moment, unbearable sorrow

That turned poisonous

Gliding over the eyelids 

Like the past that never slips

Along the ill-bred world

In the broken heart

Like thorns that I can’t get rid of

All along the path

Laying the stones

Leaving pot holes

Twenty two years didn’t go by fast

Where every day felt like a test

Still I wanted to stay alive

For today’s YOU

Holding two fists tighter

Breathing in heartful of air

I wanted to walk any path

I’m always tired

I’m always saddened

Still I wanted to flow like time

That looks only forward but never backward

To watch the peace on your face

To fill my heart with the victorious light in your eyes

Since twenty two years

I wanted to stand behind you like mount Meru

Yes, Son!

Until you become independent

For this day

I wanted to swim across the seven seas

Even with my broken wings

All this time, never stopping once

Exhausted mind

And wearied body

Are taking rest now, but

I will keep running

Like victory concealed behind your wings

I will embrace your throat always

Like the sweat from your hard work!


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