Need of the hour -7

Let’s get emotional when we say “Mera Bharath Mahan”


Unity in diversity, United we stand divided we fall, are the phrases and quotes we were listening from our childhood. Every true Indian is sensible, sensitive and serious about these realities. If our parents, children and all of us understood the concept of unity in the right sense, is there any need to reiterate these phrases every time. If we are still not conscious to the above ideals, what is lacking in us! Now the time is for thorough self- introspection. What should be the corrective steps needed to place ourselves in the right track? 

India – A land of dharma, karma, punya.

India – A land with the largest democratic and secular principles in the world.

                     Raising slogans and praising ourselves with various above adjectives are self-laudatory. 70 years of free Republic India- No religion, no karma, no punya, no dharma, and no sympathy, lastly no Democracy can give two square meals to its citizens. 

Wearing khadi, delivering patriotic speech, waving hands to the desperate crowds in a political parade is no more considered patriotism. 

So, what should be done to display our patriotism, Protect our integrity, stand by our fundamental unity is a matter of question! The need has come to display our oneness in the way which cannot be negated. 

What should be done? 

The need of the hour is not just Fundamental unity of India, its emotional unity. This means a dash of emotion added as a spice into every existing fundamental right of Indians. 

Poverty prevails in all faiths and religions. But no religion or faith is poor. So let the quota or reservations are need based. Economic self-sufficiency alone allows a man to preach and also practice various principles in life.  At least now, let us not look at need and poverty through the eyes of religion.  Man belonging to any religion, regardless of Caste, when screams for help in economic terms, let the help reach him. 

Economic backwardness and hunger are common to any man from any faith. 

India is our country. Thanks to our great leaders for bestowing us with an Independent India. It’s our duty to protect and develop our nation. The problems faced by our country are poverty, religious intolerance, illiteracy, population explosion, corruption and unemployment.

Adding to all these, the present COVID-19 has made us all realize that we are all one in poverty and pandemic. So, what else are we trying to show and express that we are superior to one another. Also, why are we trying to show supremacy against each other, and trying to prove which religion is supreme! Let all sensible Indians drive home the thought that, 

This will never lead humanity anywhere, 

Why are we attracting innocent citizens with freebies? Can we support a parasite, even if they are our own kith and kin. Let us realize, everyone needs an opportunity to perform.  So let the opportunities be created to all in the similar way.  The Government, the right-minded people, and various lawmakers – please do not allow the suicide deaths, rape and revenge to multiply!! Let the Law help everyone. Let us not get biased.

How to achieve Fundamental unity- 

  1. One needs to make SWOT analysis of oneself. One needs to develop personal discipline.
  2. Seventy years is a long wait. Nothing can happen without our initiative and contribution.
  3. Yes!  Each day should start with those Inspiring statements made by our humble former President Dr A.P.J.Abdul Kalam to the nation.
  4. Today, let’s adopt the KAIZEN for a better tomorrow. KAIZEN- Improvement and perfection in simple things
  5. Every man and woman needs to uphold a set of cherished beliefs. Beliefs define one’s faith in life. Faith is the quintessential temporal truth. Faith defines life and is the one sacred element that distinguishes human beings. Faith conceptualizes with glory, our intellectual frame of mind and our innermost emotional needs.
  6. Respect to Mahatma is respect to the Nation. YES! Today we need many leaders who can stand distinctly like Mahatma. Not in words but in actions. Again, instead of going into arguments about Mahatma Gandhi, can we stick to the biggest principles which can stand the test of times! True leaders therefore are committed to affecting change to realize their vision of reality and are willing to accept failure. Leaders do this because the reality they seek is focused on the greater good of society and because of their abiding commitment to improving the quality of life around them. 


India will and surely turn into a most developed nation in the next few years.

Of course with all our contributions, we can expect many changes. The rural areas must compete with the urban areas in development and reduce the poverty levels. No shortage of electricity to keep the wheels of progress and development going. Every citizen must have and feel secure living in their homes. Child labour must be banned and let them attend school and enjoy their childhood. Legal cases have to be disposed off quickly and justice speeded up, because justice delayed is justice denied. Pollution must be equally checked to protect the environment. We must promote communal harmony and tolerance. We must strictly limit religion and faith within the four walls of our homes.

Let’s wake up.  Even when small countries like Japan, Singapore and Malaysia Progressed, why not India?  Our attitude has to change towards caste, religion, language, tolerance, poverty, literacy, cleanliness, hygiene, sincerity, civic sense and above all commitment. Every aspect needs Introspection. Stop accusing, Start looking within. No single Individual can transform our Nation. Each one of us has a duty towards this great cause. Whether it is big, small, great or simple. Let’s take an oath to do it.

Let us all re-dedicate ourselves to the cause of our Nation and feel proud to be an Indian. Let’s get emotional when we say Mera Bharath Mahaan!!!!!


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