Curries’ Life

English Translation: Madhuri Palaji

Telugu Original : Dr K.Geeta

Sheer under man, or man under sheet

Even during the cyclone, it grumbles silently

Old life to fill the tummy

Sits all day along for ten cents

Small basket of vegetables lead a big life

From dawn

Till dusk,

The voice shrieks a cent and a penny

To create the impression of cheap price

During an entire day, only one hot tea

Enters the skeleton covered with skin

Like the blunt and broken weighing stones

The pitted eyes with wrinkles

Anxiously weigh the ups and downs of life

The wallet rings the hunger every moment

With coins touching again and again

The cheeks with dimples even without smile

Ruminate life heavier than death failing to swallow

Since it has no teeth but the eyes

No patience but life

No desire to live but failure to die of hunger

It folds three legs

Arranges four varieties of vegetables in front

Sells weighing quarter life for each rupee 

In spine shivering rain

And in cold that can move even dead bodies

With the fate that doesn’t changes in spite of the changing world

With shaking head

Due to continuous efforts

Pulling together the loosened skin

Like a sparrow that shivers before reaching it’s nest

Spits the time

After mumbling many curse words

Amidst the whole day’s agony

Wears the empty life basket on her head

Don’t know if she rests at least at night without fear

And without worrying about the survival

She reappears with curries’ life

Again in the morning like the creeping light!


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