War a hearts ravage-4

English Translation: P. Jayalakshmi & Bhargavi Rao

Telugu Original : “Yuddham oka Gunde Kotha” by Seela Subhadra Devi

Tamed nations as minions

made them guard your home,

slept securely as unopposed warlord.

Taught pets a few tricks,

twirled time round finger tip

desiring to spin world as top on it.

Wearing ego’s crown,

wished to play ringmaster.

Not enough

assumed role of Saviour as well.             

To become a despot

practised calumny, staged slander.

The lessons  

when practised against you

missing the target, boomeranged,

when despotic crown slipped–

got into dance of distress.

Every action has to have a reaction, isn’t it?

It is time, probe who initially

let the action underway.

Introspect honestly.

at least once, look within,

know where invisible wounds hurt and whom.

Have to examine scannings;

whose household hearth had gone cold,

whose backyard plants

turned to weeds losing their patent to life,

which mother’s heart blasted 

without aid of remote sensor.

It’s time to account for all sinister deals.

Not so easy as usurping another’s land,

thwart and possess parents’ dreams, isn’t it?            

Baiting with bread crumbs

reducing world theatre to a circus arena,

thought of indulging in game show.

Dumb animals when assaulted

prove not so dumb

will attack vital organs.


Then to save self from rabies

have to prick needles about the navel.


All attempts to annihilate humanity

launched first in calm oceanic depths alone!

Droplets churned like butter 

whisked and whipped, agitate marine life.

For under sea volcanoes 

in tempestuous oceans,

hard to set down where it started–

blooming eruptions darkening life

cause convulsions cataclysmic.

In moments of unschooled and 

uncontrolled catastrophic change,

a ferment of seething upheaval following

deep sea weapon testing-like hurricane,       

reflects the deep’s disturbed unrest

destroying blue water life.                          

Then a rising tidal wave surging forward

as if to foam the fire 

strikes the land and stumbles on cities.

For one who snuffs out life 

In the dark depths of mother’s womb,                

what are earth’s and ocean’s depths?


(To be continued-)

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