Exploring new things


Finding new things and exploring the deepest relation from its origin is exploring.

We explore many things before we adapt to new things like listening to new music, new art, making food, and many more.

Imagine we are lost! Somewhere with no clue where we have no mobile or any means of artificial technology. 

Do we give up? I think in reality, we may be confused and be tense for a while but later on, try to adapt and try to find a way to get home.

Recently, I watched a movie named “Cast Away” (Based on the real story)  where a FedEx Delivery man survives a plane crash and lands on an unknown Isolated Island. He at first struggles cries a lot, faces many hurdles but later on, he survives 4 years on that Island adapting to changes and exploring them. One fine day a ship reaches the Island after 4 years and He returns back home but He feels everything unhappy in this temporary world and says “happiness is only found when we explore” in many real-time interviews.

Then this identical situation ( Covid wave-2 Lockdown) is happening in society today in India where people need to stay home for their own safety. But We question why? And fight against the government. Here, all we need to know is anything can happen tomorrow, always be ready to accept the reality of things happening, nothing lasts forever it’s just a phase of life we are battling. 

From the early centuries to today’s artificial generation, changes have been normalized, people change according to technology, we learned and habituated to explore new things and learn from them. Every change today happening from wearing a mask to sanitizing our hands to social distancing is the habit we need to adapt for a few days and the time we have now as quarantine is the time we need to explore ourselves and find the talent we are capable off. 

Here is my quarantine recreation project with my cousin’s Image with the popular “Dark” web series theme. I love others doing beautiful recreation with images so I taught myself to explore. Watched many Youtube videos though it was a challenging and time taking process. I learned by myself with all the means I have searched online and finally completed my first image recreation which turned out pretty interesting.

Stay home, Stay safe, Explore new things, and  Get vaccinated as soon as possible.


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