(2nd Annual Issue Competition Poem)

-Adarsh Myneni

 A marriage scene in the family 
 House glowing bright with relatives 
 The bride sad with her heart crying heavily 
 She was twelve , with dolls in her shelves .
 She was forced to enter into a new world  About which she was totally unaware 
 Had to become a single mother , pain untold 
 With only white and nothing else to wear .
 She was forced into a corner of the house 
 Abandoned by society, her duty was just to
 Covered with a white cloth , without a
 Neither a toy to play nor a book .
 Sudden visit of her brother 
 He was dead inside to see her 
 No more a sister , she was a mother 
 He regretted that he couldn’t fight for her .
 She cried to take her away 
 From the misery in that house 
 He accepted without any delay 
 Her only request was to wear a blouse .
 Her wish was to stay fully dressed 
 Which would give her a decent end 
 The grief she expressed 
 Has now become our vogue and our trend .


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