Queen with no crown

(2nd Annual Issue Competition Poem)

-Sri sreya kurella

To every drop of tear around her ,

she kept her hands together 

to hold ,

where she let her every single tear drop ,

to fall on her motherland .

she grabbed all the broken souls around her into her arms,

 where she left all her pain by hugging the air .

 she held people around in her heart,

 where she carried all the pain in her stomach alone.

 she takes in all the attributes of the queen ,

with no crown on her head ,

and all the  commitment of a goddess ,

 with getting no honour.


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22 thoughts on “Queen with no crown (2nd Annual Issue Competition Poem)”

  1. Such an amazing poem😍 Just loved the way you describe it in simple clear words🤩 your short words makes a great difference in everyone’s thoughts… Keep going 🤗 wishing you the very best dear❤️

  2. It’s really a good poem…
    I’m not much book reader… But I have studied this poem this was really awesome

  3. It is really such a nice poem about a women in beautiful lines. It describes a splendid meaning.

  4. Wowww it is really soo good.. ur words touched my heart ❤️ this small poem with less words told much more about the real existing goddess i.e the women.. felt very happy after reading this..

  5. This was really a nice poem that I’ve seen…it was really good..
    It seems like you are describing a women ..and her magic that she do around us…
    You used simple words and neat vocabulary so that we can easily understand the meaning that what u want to convey others ..your doing good and it was a nice hobby just keep going on all the best!

  6. Nice imagery. I don’t know if the subject of the poem is supposed to be a mother , a wife or in general a woman. But the selflessness has been spelled out effectively by the juxtapositions. Some suggestions on the grammar and verbiage though:
    i) should use “while” instead of “where” – she kept her hands together to hold, while she let her every single teardrop fall on …
    ii) technically the pain left her not the other way round. it can be worded as – while she let out all her pain by hugging the air
    iii) with no crown on her head -> but without any crown on her head . with getting no honor -> but without getting any honor

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