English Translation: V.Vijaya Kumar

Telugu Original : Dr K.Geeta

Thousands of miles for Forty × times life

We cross Hills and Dales and even Seven Oceans

Hourly work-hourly wage-

Years of immigrant life struggling for existence

Who talks with you?

Who shares with you?

Who comes along with you?

At every moving step the ghost of Forty × Times appears

Every digit turned into rupees shivers you

Showing in magnifying glass

Rent above fifty thousand

Thousand can’t bring 10 kg. rice

Basket full vegetables two thousand

Boarding a bus one hundred

Finger size coriander and curry leaf two hundred

Egg for ten

Bread even not for one fifty

Relishing on ice cream?

Going to a movie?

Nobody knows who lives in side portion-

Language never connects barriers-

How many knots do we stitch with English thread?

Living in wooden nests not knowing whether it’s school or temple-

Every region is alike though you travelled miles and miles

Wife and husband, kith and kin home and family limited to weekend

Friendships, Happiness, Parties and Outings

Hotty breakfasts and Meals all limited to weekend

What happened there at home-

How were those parents-

How long it passed meeting them all-

All now equal to zero standing by four

After all, what are they all before the Forty × Times?!

Though gone one third to tax

Insurance swallowed it’s half share

Left with one fourth at end of the month

It’s privilege to stay at US and as great asset

To become an NRI at every home is target

We swim against all odds

All dreams and distant sacrifices

For those Forty×Times


We miss neem flowers in Ugadi chutney

No idol immersion on Vinayaka Chavithi 

We need to count stars in the sky on Diwali

All those crackers preserved for some others for JULY 4TH

There’s Chill always to hug you when you lost in thoughts

The air is always with you to solace when you broke down

The massive summits with grass standing around

The foggy mornings surrounded with fluffy clouds

Trees of Redwoods standing upright 

Manoeuvre of variant colored flowers

Showering of luxuries by squeezing Malls

Western etiquettes take you anywhere

Every moment it’s a struggle for existence on immigrant land

Who talks with you?

Who shares with you?

Who comes with you?

Who travels along with you until the end?

Who pats your back?

Who loves you deeply?

Who gets you left at the end?

You × Forty Times

Forty Times × You


(Into Forty ( × forty stands out for time sign × multiplication and the value of dollar @ ₹40 at the time of this poem written)


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