English Translation: V.Vijaya Kumar

Telugu Original : Dr K.Geeta

When the Sun

Climbs up to ten

Cooing of doves

Like no schooling lazy kids

Just woke up from sleeping

Tucking round until then

The world outside around

Hung upon opened wings of windows

Round the house

Any date

Any day

Any week

Every day

One single news

One single fright

One single concern

Away from society encompassed 

Like a beehive always

By the buffets of the Corona 

Coughed out smoke

Though scattered like grains

Thrown away for doves

Yet, everyone stuck in their world of webs

Dreaming for glow worm alliance

That gleams ray of light

When the moment breath gasping for life

We’re linked family each other

The Morn, the noon, the evenings

All veered off round and round

Another solacing we left 

We’re swirling round and round

Right in cozy cabinets of homes

Like dragonflies

Watching cursed world 

Dozing Day long through window panes

Not knowing how long it go

The confusion of lives

The neighboring house

And its neighbor’s house 

And the far end eye can see of street

Like cars curled pups front door

Stripes on crates shadows and lights

Wound around trees at front

As if fear slithering from

The spine of silence 

The sky that swiveled

In short intermittent pauses

Not keeping up passion

Showering gloomy drops

Into eyes

An invisible Ogre 

Sits in rigid posture in lungs

Tucking legs clasped

A bad omen bird

Languishing over 

Tragic massive cremations  

Squeezing heart

At some distant yore

Sagging with flickered life

Memories of shaking hands

Vanishing away

The unreachable 

Parallel lines between

Man to man

Though jabs

Underneath heart

I cherish living like

Unveiled weaponry

With those sharpened beaks

That could break out the eggshells


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