-Adarsh Myneni 

The odour of a pungent spirit in atmosphere 

She was struggling to open her eyes 

Indistinct murmurs gave her even more fear

Pain in every tissue , she wasn’t feeling nice.

With ache in her stomach over and over 

Legs spread still and bones out of shape

Blood on the white sheet , she tried to cover

Rust from the lady parts , proved it a rape .

White aprons and inquiring uniforms around

Camera flashes disturbing her eye sight 

The last breath was with a weeping sound 

Another rally of masses holding candle light.

In a helpless situation she wanted a hand 

Hoping a peaceful farewell from this land

Neither the badges cared , nor did the steth 

Rape and human race resulted in her death .

( In memory of all those women , who had this painful end . )


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